L.G. Ross (Producer)

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L.G. moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue “the acting thing,” having had a successful run as a performer in numerous murder-mystery and musical dinner shows, as well as Summer Repertory Theatre in Santa Rosa, CA. He is the author of the play Pass the Aspirin, which he directed and starred in at a local dinner theatre. He made his film debut in Rob Schneider’s The Animal in 2001, as well as appearing in Nash Bridges and numerous commercials.

A couple of months living in L.A. and L.G. was bitten by the comedy bug, taking a comedy class and debuting his standup at the world famous The Improv in Hollywood, CA, in 2002. He has never stopped doing standup since, though he still acts and writes.

In January, 2009, L.G. launched a standup comedy workshop in Culver City, and continues to run it to this day, allowing comedians to practice new jokes or improve existing material. That same year in November, he co-launched a comedy venue, Comics on the Spot, which included both open mic as well as a booked show at the landmark The Warehouse Restaurant. That continued till L.G. decided to end the venue and start a new one, giving it a new purpose, assisted by a handful of terrific people. He thanks those people and hopes Serving Up Comedy will bring money and attention to causes worthy of your support.

L.G. is currently working on his next book. He resides in Marina del Rey, CA.