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Headliner:  Jeff Capri


Fresh Comedians, Emcee and Main Dish Each Week!

Our next Free Standup Comedy Shows are scheduled for:

Thursday, April 12th, 2018, 7pm to 9pm
Thursday, May 10th, 2018, 7pm to 9pm
Thursday, June 14th, 2018, 7pm to 9pm
Thursday, July 12th, 2018 7pm to 9pm
Thursday, Aug. 9th, 2018, 7pm to 9pm


The Warehouse Restaurant

in Marina del Rey

4499 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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Serving Up Comedy

The purpose of Serving Up Comedy is chiefly to provide a standup comedy venue in the Westside of L.A., featuring a new lineup each week, followed by open mic. Laughter is essential. It is healthy. Laughter asks you to lower your inhibitions and invite the person on stage into your life and you make a connection. There is a degree of intimacy. You have shared something personal. You have laughed with those around you, feeling that communal sense, where we’re all in this together. We’re on board for the laughs.

On that very note -- we’re all in this together -- I hope to motivate the audience, whose spirits have been lifted by laughter, to want to lift the spirits of others by contributing, even just a little, to the specific cause featured that month: providing for veterans, clothing the homeless, feeding the hungry, rescuing animals, and more.

I don’t want people in the audience to feel they have to contribute. I want people to come week after week and enjoy a comedy show -- free of admission, no two-item minimum – whether they are having a bad day and need a laugh or they’re having a great day and want to keep the momentum going, just come and have a good time. And on your own, if you choose, for whatever personal reason you have, to drop a little in the “Suggested Donation Only” jar, you do so with our genuine gratitude and the knowledge that all contributions go directly to the cause and nothing else and you are a part of that. After all, we’re all in this together.

Venue at The Warehouse

The main show starts at 7pm, so come early and get those last-minute Happy Hour drink and appetizer orders in before enjoying some dinner, which is served in the lounge as well. The show opens with an emcee, and a lineup of 3 comedians, followed by a featured performer and then a headliner to close the show. Headliners have been featured all over L.A. and the nation and have been seen on shows like Late Night, The Tonight Show, Conan, BET, Kimmel, Ferguson, Comics Unleashed, Last Comic Standing and more.

The show ends around 8:40 and is immediately followed by open mic, inviting the audience to come on stage and do up to 5 minutes. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been tinkering with comedy for a little bit, we want to see you! Open mic lasts for up to an hour. You are certainly encouraged to stay for the extra laughs, as The Warehouse stays open till 10pm.

Comedy at The Warehouse

L.G. Ross has been producing weekly comedy shows at The Warehouse since November of 2009. Before, the venue was known as Comics on the Spot and started on Tuesdays at 8pm before moving to Mondays about 3 years later.

Since its inception, the venue underwent slight changes, adding open mic at 7pm and moving the main show to 7:45. It remained on Mondays till the summer of 2016, when Comics on the Spot was dissolved and Serving Up Comedy succeeded that venue, debuting Thursday, July 14th.

The main show now takes place at 7pm, followed by open mic. A featured charity is highlighted every month, and while the show is free with no two-item minimum, if you feel so inclined, having had a great time at our comedy show, we have a donation box. But only if you feel the want. Otherwise, The Warehouse and Serving Up Comedy want to keep you entertained and sated.
Laughter matters. Come share some with us.

Open Mic at The Warehouse

Open mic at The Warehouse begins right after the main show ends, around 8:40pm. Signup begins at 6:15pm when L.G. shows up with the signup sheet. It’s first-come-first-choice, and we take as many as 10 comedians.

Talent gets 5 minutes stage time, the light at 4. You must be relatively clean. This is a family restaurant. Certainly, do not drop the F bomb. To do so may mean being barred from all future open mics and bookings of main show.
All people are encouraged to sign up, whether you’re a novice comedian or doing standup for the first time, if you have something funny to say, we want to hear it! Come share some laughs. That’s one thing the world can’t get enough of.



L.G. Ross has been hosting an open mic / workshop at The Spot Café at 4455 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA, since January, 2009. Signup is 12:30, start time 1pm. Lineup done by lottery.

Admission is $3 or $5 purchase from the café. They make great paninis and other delicious food items. In return you get 6 minutes on stage with up to 3 more in feedback or 7 minutes on stage and no feedback. You get the light a minute before time is up.

No serious foul language. Hell, damn, dumb-ass is fine; f-word, c-word, d-word, use euphemisms. We'll still get the joke. Whether you’re new to standup or a veteran of comedy, if you have new material and want to test the waters, we are a supportive and positive room and want you to share the laughs with us.

Also, on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month I hold auditions at the workshop for comedians who want to do the main show at The Warehouse Lounge. Auditions are ten minutes each, no use of notes. We want to see the very act you’d do if we booked you.

The laughs are there. All you have to do is time your joke right before the next wave of laughter.
Our last day of open mic at The Spot Cafe is Saturday, Aug. 12th. A new venue will be announced in the coming weeks.


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