Featured Charity for August: Dream Catcher of Los Angeles

We thank all the donations may in the month of July from our patrons who have been enjoying our standup comedy, but this new month brings on a new cause, and that charity is Dream Catcher of Los Angeles.  Like other featured charities that involve animals as therapy for people, so, too, is Dream Catcher, involving children and adults and horses.

With headquarters located in Long Beach, Dream Catcher is a Certified Center Member of PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship), offering equine assisted activities and therapies.  Dream Catcher’s mission is to improve the lives of children, adults and veterans with cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities through the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding and other equine-assisted activities, while serving the therapeutic riding profession through training and education.

Serving Up Comedy supports the efforts of Dream Catcher and asks that you support their noble cause when attending any of our free comedy shows during the month of August.  To learn more about Dream Catcher, visit their website at www.dreamcatcher.com.

July’s Featured Charity and One-Year Anniversary!

We are having our one-year anniversary Thursday, July 13th, but our new featured charity, Boys and Girls Club of America, starts July 6th and goes for the whole month.

Every day, 11.3 million kids and teens leave school with no place to go.  The Boys and Girls Club of America provides a safe place to learn, play and grow through enriching programs, experiences and activities via supportive and caring mentors.  97% of Club teens are expected to graduate from high school and 88% are expected to complete some kind of post-secondary education.  74% of Club youth volunteer in their own community at least once a year.  Serving Up Comedy is featuring this cause as the charity for the month of July.  To learn more about them, visit www.bgca.org

Come out and enjoy some terrific standup comedy shows, and if so inclined, give a few dollars to the cause.

Many thanks.

Thank You, Everyone! We’re Having a Rockin’ Year!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to any of our monthly featured charities.  Our last charity, Heifer International, brought in the dollars, and Serving Up Comedy is going to match dollar for dollar all that has been donated, before delivering it to the charity.  The generous giving that you make weekly deserves to be doubled.

Continue to come to our weekly shows on Thursdays at 7pm, and if you feel so inclined, continue to drop a little in the donation box.  A little goes a long way, especially when it’s twice as much.

June’s Featured Charity: Heifer International

Imagine delivering unto an impoverished village a cow that can provide milk daily, plow in the field, give birth to another cow that in turn will provide milk and continue to pay it forward.  It’s a lot like the “Teach a man to fish” philosophy.  Imagine a chicken, capable of laying 200 eggs a year, feeding a family.  That is what Heifer International is all about.

Heifer International empowers families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity.  “Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at markets.” When many families gain this new sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings and funding small businesses.

Serving Up Comedy supports this charity and asks that you consider making a contribution while enjoying our weekly shows at The Warehouse on Thursdays at 7pm.  To learn more about this charity, go to www.heifer.org.


Our Newest Featured Charity:  Venice Family Clinic

Venice Family Clinic has been operating since 1970, providing quality primary health care to people in need.  Today, with ten health centers, Venice Family Clinic is the medical go-to place for people who might otherwise go without critically needed health care services, giving free and affordable health-care for low-income, uninsured and homeless families and individuals.  Those helped include infants, children and teens to adults and seniors.  Particular emphasis is placed on the needs of women, children, the homeless and those with chronic diseases.

Donations help to pay for medications and other pharmaceuticals, plus radiology, lab, surgical and emergency services.

For the month of May, Serving Up Comedy will highlight this charity each week.  To learn more about Venice Family Clinic, visit their website at www.venicefamilyclinic.org

New Charity Featured, Union Rescue Mission

Union Rescue Mission (URM) is one of the largest missions of its kind in America – bringing help and hope to men, women and children experiencing homelessness in Downtown Los Angeles.  URM was founded in 1891 by Lyman Stewart.  During those early days, URM took to the streets in gospel wagons to offer food, clothing and salvation to the less fortunate.  Over the years, URM has continued and expanded its efforts to feed both the body and the soul, helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.  To learn more, go to their website urm.org.

Serving Up Comedy is pleased to devote the month of April to raising money for this noble purpose.

We’re Back Starting Thursday, Feb. 16th


We are back.  Now that football season is wrapping up, we will be returning with a brand new show Thursday, Feb. 16th, and then every Thursday beginning March 2nd.

Mark this on your calendar.  Our very own Lydia Cornell with be emceeing our return show, and Josh Nasar will be headlining. along with a stellar lineup.  Show starts at 7pm, so come early and take advantage of The Warehouse’s Happy Hour, which ends at 7pm.

Open mic follows the main show, so if you want to sign up and perform, come early and write your name down.  It’s first come first choice.

Our featured charity will be a continuation of Los Angeles Mission, as a full month was not devoted to their cause before we had to discontinue comedy during football season.

But for you, we have a free show, and no two-item minimum.  But I recommend bringing your appetite and thirst and get an early start on the weekend festivities with laughter and mirth.  Valet parking only $3.75.

Our Next Featured Charity, Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission strives to be a world leader among Missions that provide for the poor, restore the addicted and eliminate homelessness.  Founded in 1936, the Los Angeles Mission is a non-profit, privately supported, faith-based organization that serves the immediate and long-term needs of homeless and disadvantaged men, women and children. The Mission is among the nation’s largest service providers to the homeless.

Reverend I.L. Eldridge founded the original Mission in 1936. During its early years, the Los Angeles Mission was located at three different addresses, and moved to 443 South Los Angeles Street in 1949, where it operated until January 1992. The current 156,000-square-foot facility, located at 303 East 5th Street, opened on January 21, 1992. A deeper history of their neighborhood can be found in this article from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

The Mission has been successful through the efforts of great leaders who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of helping the homeless. Such leaders have been Dick Willis (First Chairman of the Board, 1977-1996), Reverend Mark Holsinger (Executive Director, 1977-1995), Reverend Mike Edwards (Executive Director, 1996-2000), Ron Gonzales (President, 2000-2001) and Marshall McNott (President, 2001-2006). Currently the vision of the Los Angeles Mission is upheld and led by Herbert Smith, President/CEO. Because of the guidance and direction of both current and past leaders, the Mission is fulfilling its mandate to reach those who are destitute and alone.  To learn more, visit their website at www.losangelesmission.org.losangelesmission

Some Great News and Another Successful Month

Just want to thank everyone who participated in helping to bring attention and donations to 4PAWS4PATRIOTS.  We raised over $200, and every dollar will be matched by Serving Up Comedy, so now TWICE AS MUCH MONEY is going to the cause!  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported comedy.

As a result of your patronizing our venue over the summer, we are pleased to announce that The Warehouse is moving our show permanently to Thursdays beginning Oct. 6th.  Mark that on your calendar:  Every Thursday beginning Oct. 6th.  Check out our website for future lineups and plan your calendar for the week accordingly.  Thank you!  Thank You!!  THANK YOU!!!

We are so happy for the move to Thursdays.  Attendance proved higher each week than Mondays, and the majority has spoken:  You want Thursdays and The Warehouse has listened!

Look for our next charity we’re highlighting, Los Angeles Mission.

Supporting 4 PAWS 4 PATRIOTS

Allow Serving Up Comedy and The Warehouse to take care of you, if only for a couple hours, while we bring you a stellar show and kick off our next charity, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS.

4 PAWS 4 PATRIOTS is a non-profit organization established to provide service dogs and training to disabled veterans at no cost to the veteran.  Headquartered in Temecula, CA, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS helps veterans with PTSD, TBI and Mobility Issues and PSTD education for the general public.  Many veterans have trouble getting back into their community when they return home. They may suffer from a variety of mental or physical impairments, and conventional medicine doesn’t promise to help. 4PAWS4PATRIOTS provides service dogs and training to veterans at no cost. They locate dogs using local shelters who meet the aptitude for the program. Local trainers then train each dog and veteran together to meet individual needs. This gives the veteran a chance to slowly work their way back into the community and gives them a companion to help them achieve this goal.

With their program, 4 PAWS4PATRIOTS is able to support veterans, who normally wouldn’t be comfortable in group settings, to get out and be involved in their own recovery. The bonds formed are the foundation of this healing program, and many veterans have been so changed by it that they stay on to help others.

Imagine helping both veterans and animals, in need of a home and love, at the same time.  If you’re an animal lover and you respect and support the men and women in uniform, who do a job not anybody can just do, and want to help, join us this month at any or all of our shows, as we bring attention to this noble cause and celebrate all good things that may come when our spirits unite in laughter.

To learn more about 4PAWS4PATRIOTS, go to their website:  http://4paws4patriots.org