Supporting 4 PAWS 4 PATRIOTS

Allow Serving Up Comedy and The Warehouse to take care of you, if only for a couple hours, while we bring you a stellar show and kick off our next charity, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS.

4 PAWS 4 PATRIOTS is a non-profit organization established to provide service dogs and training to disabled veterans at no cost to the veteran.  Headquartered in Temecula, CA, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS helps veterans with PTSD, TBI and Mobility Issues and PSTD education for the general public.  Many veterans have trouble getting back into their community when they return home. They may suffer from a variety of mental or physical impairments, and conventional medicine doesn’t promise to help. 4PAWS4PATRIOTS provides service dogs and training to veterans at no cost. They locate dogs using local shelters who meet the aptitude for the program. Local trainers then train each dog and veteran together to meet individual needs. This gives the veteran a chance to slowly work their way back into the community and gives them a companion to help them achieve this goal.

With their program, 4 PAWS4PATRIOTS is able to support veterans, who normally wouldn’t be comfortable in group settings, to get out and be involved in their own recovery. The bonds formed are the foundation of this healing program, and many veterans have been so changed by it that they stay on to help others.

Imagine helping both veterans and animals, in need of a home and love, at the same time.  If you’re an animal lover and you respect and support the men and women in uniform, who do a job not anybody can just do, and want to help, join us this month at any or all of our shows, as we bring attention to this noble cause and celebrate all good things that may come when our spirits unite in laughter.

To learn more about 4PAWS4PATRIOTS, go to their website:

The Smile Train – Thank you for your support!

ThankYou_MoneyA monumental Thank You to everyone who came out to our shows this past month, supporting both comedy and a cause: Help change the world one smile at a time.

Because of your kindness, we raised nearly $250, and with the promise that Serving Up Comedy would match dollar for dollar, we rounded it up to $500 that will go to The Smile Train.  Your wanting to give has made possible two complete surgeries for children with a cleft lip.  Upon the completion of their operations, for all the rest of their lives they will smile with genuine happiness.  And their happiness will touch the lives of the hundreds if not thousands of people who enter their lives.  Probably we will never meet the children whose lives you’ve changed.  But know that they are changed, and only to the better.

As a Thank You, come out to our next show and let us say Thank You in person.  You deserve laughter and goodness in your lives.  Allow Serving Up Comedy and The Warehouse to take care of you, if only for a couple hours, while we bring you a stellar show and kick off our next charity, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS.



Supporting The Smile Train from July 14th to August 11th, 2016

Laughter is necessary. Plain and simple. It releases healthy endorphins into your system, it boosts your immunity, it just makes for feel good. Have you ever laughed so hard, you cried? What a great feeling that is. And one of the most beautiful things anyone can see in this world is a child smiling or laughing with joyous abandonment. But what if the very thing that brings you down, causes you unhappiness, IS your very smile. For that reason, Serving Up Comedy has decided to make their debut charity The Smile Train.

Today, millions of children in developing countries are suffering with cleft lips and palates. Condemned to a lifetime of malnutrition, shame and isolation.

The biggest tragedy is that virtually all of these children could be helped and their clefts repaired. That is the mission of The Smile Train. They empower local surgeons in developing countries to provide this life-changing free cleft surgery which takes but a few hours and costs as little as $250. It gives desperate children not just a new smile—but a new life.

The Smile Train will deliver free cleft surgery to more than 25,000 children each year, all over the world. From Asia to Africa, from South America to Russia, The Smile Train helps children who have no place else to turn.

From Thursday, July 14th, and all shows to Thursday, Aug. 11th, all money dropped into our Donation Box will go to The Smile Train. Help change the world one smile at a time.