Our Next Featured Charity, Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission strives to be a world leader among Missions that provide for the poor, restore the addicted and eliminate homelessness.  Founded in 1936, the Los Angeles Mission is a non-profit, privately supported, faith-based organization that serves the immediate and long-term needs of homeless and disadvantaged men, women and children. The Mission is among the nation’s largest service providers to the homeless.

Reverend I.L. Eldridge founded the original Mission in 1936. During its early years, the Los Angeles Mission was located at three different addresses, and moved to 443 South Los Angeles Street in 1949, where it operated until January 1992. The current 156,000-square-foot facility, located at 303 East 5th Street, opened on January 21, 1992. A deeper history of their neighborhood can be found in this article from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

The Mission has been successful through the efforts of great leaders who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of helping the homeless. Such leaders have been Dick Willis (First Chairman of the Board, 1977-1996), Reverend Mark Holsinger (Executive Director, 1977-1995), Reverend Mike Edwards (Executive Director, 1996-2000), Ron Gonzales (President, 2000-2001) and Marshall McNott (President, 2001-2006). Currently the vision of the Los Angeles Mission is upheld and led by Herbert Smith, President/CEO. Because of the guidance and direction of both current and past leaders, the Mission is fulfilling its mandate to reach those who are destitute and alone.  To learn more, visit their website at www.losangelesmission.org.losangelesmission

Some Great News and Another Successful Month

Just want to thank everyone who participated in helping to bring attention and donations to 4PAWS4PATRIOTS.  We raised over $200, and every dollar will be matched by Serving Up Comedy, so now TWICE AS MUCH MONEY is going to the cause!  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported comedy.

As a result of your patronizing our venue over the summer, we are pleased to announce that The Warehouse is moving our show permanently to Thursdays beginning Oct. 6th.  Mark that on your calendar:  Every Thursday beginning Oct. 6th.  Check out our website for future lineups and plan your calendar for the week accordingly.  Thank you!  Thank You!!  THANK YOU!!!

We are so happy for the move to Thursdays.  Attendance proved higher each week than Mondays, and the majority has spoken:  You want Thursdays and The Warehouse has listened!

Look for our next charity we’re highlighting, Los Angeles Mission.