Supporting 4 PAWS 4 PATRIOTS

Allow Serving Up Comedy and The Warehouse to take care of you, if only for a couple hours, while we bring you a stellar show and kick off our next charity, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS.

4 PAWS 4 PATRIOTS is a non-profit organization established to provide service dogs and training to disabled veterans at no cost to the veteran.  Headquartered in Temecula, CA, 4PAWS4PATRIOTS helps veterans with PTSD, TBI and Mobility Issues and PSTD education for the general public.  Many veterans have trouble getting back into their community when they return home. They may suffer from a variety of mental or physical impairments, and conventional medicine doesn’t promise to help. 4PAWS4PATRIOTS provides service dogs and training to veterans at no cost. They locate dogs using local shelters who meet the aptitude for the program. Local trainers then train each dog and veteran together to meet individual needs. This gives the veteran a chance to slowly work their way back into the community and gives them a companion to help them achieve this goal.

With their program, 4 PAWS4PATRIOTS is able to support veterans, who normally wouldn’t be comfortable in group settings, to get out and be involved in their own recovery. The bonds formed are the foundation of this healing program, and many veterans have been so changed by it that they stay on to help others.

Imagine helping both veterans and animals, in need of a home and love, at the same time.  If you’re an animal lover and you respect and support the men and women in uniform, who do a job not anybody can just do, and want to help, join us this month at any or all of our shows, as we bring attention to this noble cause and celebrate all good things that may come when our spirits unite in laughter.

To learn more about 4PAWS4PATRIOTS, go to their website:

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